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Samsung Pledge 10 Year Warranty For Burnt-Out UHD TVs

In what the company has termed an “industry-changing warranty,” Samsung have promised to repair or exchange any of their entire SUHD quantum dot TV range should they succumb to a “burn-in effect” within the first ten years of use.

According to Samsung UK’s Steve Mitchell, “We are committed to making the best technology choices for our customers. Our SUHD Quantum dot TVs not only provide industry leading picture quality, but are built to be enjoyed for many years to come.”

“We know that for our customers a TV can be a significant purchase, and we are so confident in the quality of our products we can offer this revolutionary 10-year screen burn warranty.”

Burn-in has proven a prevalent issue for TV owners since as far back as CRT displays and as recently as OLED.

In any case, it’s a strong gesture of commitment to supporting their customer-base by Samsung and one that we can hope will be followed by other manufacturers.