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Samsung Pay Adds Loyalty Card Support

Samsung have announced the ability to add loyalty cards to Samsung Pay in Australia.

At a time where it seems like every store has a loyalty program, the new feature will allow users to reduce the bulk physical cards can take up in their wallet. Samsung research suggests that Australian shoppers can carry an average of four loyalty cards.

“At the heart of the Samsung Pay loyalty feature is great convenience and value,” said Brett Inman, Samsung Australia’s head of Mobile Commerce and New Business.

“This technology will help Australians get the most out of loyalty programs at their favorite stores and it is an exciting development for people who use their smartphone as the central device to organize and enjoy their lives,” Mr Inman said.

The new feature will support almost any loyalty card, and allow users to quickly find the right card in the Samsung Pay app without worrying about missing out on savings and other rewards due to a lost or forgotten card.

Retailers, financial institutions and governments are invited to partner with Samsung to improve their offerings within the Samsung Pay loyalty feature, with 18 loyalty partners working closely with the company to develop tailored solutions, including Dymocks and Oporto.

A partnership between Samsung Pay and m-commerce platform Mobeam will improve the scanning of loyalty card barcodes on smartphone screens by transforming barcodes into a beam of light.

Customer data remains secure within Samsung Pay using high standards of security and data privacy, including fingerprint identification and the Samsung KNOX mobile security platform.

Loyalty card support is available now in the Samsung Pay app on selected Samsung Galaxy devices.


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