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Microsoft Make Their Move In VR

Alongside the new additions to their Surface lineup, the other big reveal to come out of Microsoft’s New York hardware showcase concerned how the tech giant plan to approach the growing VR market.

The company revealed it will be working with a number of partners – Dell, HP, Lenovo, ASUS and Acer – to deliver a range of VR-headsets that come with ‘inside out six degrees of freedom sensors’ that promise room-scale VR without any finicky camera or laser tracking systems.

“Unlike every other virtual reality headsets in the market today this means there’ll be zero need for a separate room, zero need for a complicated setup. And while those other less immersive accessories today cost over $500, most of the time requiring a new, expensive device, we’re announcing today that these Windows 10 Creators Update accessories will start at just $299,” Microsoft’s Terry Myerson said.

These headsets are designed to be used with the VR and holographic functionality added to Windows 10 in the recently announced Creators Update, allowing users to create, scan, share and print in 3D.

Of course, the biggest detail here is the price point. Microsoft is promising more consumer-friendly VR headsets that start at $US299.

It’s important to note that this new move into VR is an independent initiative from their mixed-reality and AR-focused HoloLens.

The Creators Update is expected to roll out in April 2017, with the headsets expected to follow in close-proximity.

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