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Samsung Opens Up TV Plus To Web Viewers

Samsung is expanding its ad-supported Samsung TV Plus service to more users with a soft-launch to the web as well as the addition of Chromecast support to its mobile app.

Previously only available on Samsung smart TVs from 2017 onwards, the free streaming service has quietly been launched on the web for US users; it was recently also added to Samsung phones and tablets, though Australia has yet to see the mobile app. Viewers of the web version do not need any Samsung hardware to access the service.

The move is another step away from the transactional streaming service Samsung launched in 2016. It has proven a hit with consumers, available in 23 countries and installed on around 50 million smart TVs worldwide; senior figures have told news outlets such as Protocol that the service streams “billions of minutes” every month.

There is as yet no word on if or when the web and mobile versions of Samsung TV Plus will launch in Australia, and attempting to access the site locally at the moment gives only a page saying it is not yet available in the area.

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