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Samsung Likely To Land Fortnite Exclusive

Two major Android forums are reporting that Samsung has locked in 30 day Fortnite launch exclusive for the Galaxy Note 9, representing a major coup for the company.

Currently Fortnite is free to play and has 125 million players globally, with many players waiting eagerly for an Android release.

We know the phone is being marketed as a gaming device, so landing Fortnite as an exclusive would be a huge bolster for that branding.

No one from Epic Games, the owners of Fortnite, or Samsung have confirmed the rumours.

There is a strong suggestion that the game and a generous amount of Fortnite’s in-game currency, V-Bucks, will come pre-bundled with the phone.

Neither XDA-Developers or 9to5Google will identify their source, other to say that they are reliable, but both websites have a long history of getting solid leaks.

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