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Official Note 9 Teaser Videos Release

Ahead of its August 9th global unveiling, Samsung has dropped a series of teaser videos for its new Galaxy Note 9, with battery life and processing power claimed to be a major draw-card.

Confirming previous reports, the Note 9 will feature a whopping 4,000 mAh battery with Samsung promoting a device capable of supporting today’s data-hungry lifestyle.

Like other Note variants, the ‘9’ claims to feature robust processing power – suitable for both work and play – and will reportedly incorporate the same chipset as the current S9/9 Plus.

Bumper storage space is also marketed a hero feature – capable of meeting today’s data-centric

For the tech-savvy, the teaser videos take some not-so-subtle jabs at rival smartphone brands (e.g. Apple), however, commentators assert many of the taunts address complaints for previous Samsung handsets.

As previously reported, the Note 9 is tipped to closely resemble the former Note 8, with the exception of a more accessible fingerprint reader.

In perhaps one of the most telling leaks thus far, Samsung Mobile boss, DJ Koh, was photographed using the new Note 9 in public during a media appearance.

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