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Samsung, LG To Reveal Next-Gen OLED Display Tech

Samsung Display and LG Display will both be showcasing their innovative new OLED displays at South Korea’s industry showcase exhibition for display panels this week.

The International Meeting on Information Display (IMID) 2021, runs from Wednesday to Friday in Seoul, and will see the two South Korean tech giants exhibiting technology likely to be seen in the market over the year.

LG Display will use the event to unveil its 88-inch 8K cinematic sound OLED technology, a smart bed with a 55-inch transparent OLED display, and a 48-inch bendable OLEd display that vibrates and creates sound without the use of traditional speakers.

It will also launch a 34-inch curved gaming monitor with 144Hx refresh rate.

Samsung Display, said “its exhibitions will focus on OLED technologies used in Samsung Electronics Co.’s latest Galaxy Z foldable smartphones”, including the Eco Square OLED and under panel camera used in the Fold3, as well, the 7.2 inch S-foldable panel first showcased earlier this year.

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