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Samsung Heir Not ‘Working’ For Company, Just Running It

Samsung Group’s de facto chief Lee Jae-yong is not technically working at Samsung, despite seeming to retain control over the empire and holding an official title.

This breaches a five-year restriction on employment placed on him, following his prison sentence for bribery.

South Korean Justice Minister Park Beom-kye, however, insists Lee Jae-yong is not technically working at the tech giant.

“It is hard to say Lee is employed at this moment,” Park told reporters. “Lee has not been paid for years, does not have a permanent position and is not a registered executive.

“A corporation that issues shares makes final decisions through its board of directors and shareholders’ meetings. Lee cannot take part in the board’s decision making since he’s not a registered executive.”

Citizens’ Coalition for Economic Justice disagrees, and has said it will file a criminal complaint against Lee for violating his employment ban.

“Lee is still exercising his management rights despite the work ban after parole,” the organisation wrote in a statement.

“The employment restriction is supposed to protect companies from those who have committed crimes for a certain period by banning them from exercising their power.

“It is absurd to say that Lee is not violating the law because he is not paid nor he is not a registered executive.”

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