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Samsung Health Platform Now Available On 2020 TVs

Samsung Health – a platform that adds 5,000 hours of content and over 250 instructive fitness videos – is now available on Samsung’s 2020 Smart TVs.

The Samsung Health app can by synced across Samsung’s smart devices, from smartphones to wearables and now TVs.

On Samsung Health, users can create individual profiles for themselves and family members so that each account is personalised to your preferences and activity. When the TV is on it can provide fitness and mindfulness reminders to help you achieve your wellness goals.

To keep motivation levels up, users can set a personal or a shared goal (with other profiles), whether it be completing workouts or meditation sessions.

From their Smart TV, users can view all their health data, gained from all their smart devices, in the one place.

The largest pull of Samsung Health on TV is potentially the vast amount of health and fitness content on offer. Samsung Health’s wellness content includes:

  • Calm: guided meditations, sleep stories and music, as well as the 10-minute Daily Calm programme;
  • FitPlan: six fitness plans and 50 classes, progress tracking and in-app community features;
  • Jillian Michaels: an exclusive 28-day workout plan for Samsung TV owners.
  • Echelon: 20 free trial classes including cycling and rowing, strength training, boxing, yoga, pilates and more;
  • Obe: 20 free classes for Samsung TV owners including Strength, Sculpt, Circuit, Dance, HIIT, Dance-HIIT, pilates, yoga, Barre, boxing – refreshed every two weeks;
  • Barre 3: 50 pieces of free content including full body workouts, strength and conditioning, mindfulness, cardio and more.
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