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Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch Is Like The Duracell Bunny, It Leaves The Apple Watch Behind

I have been a watch lover for several decades and actually own several watches from different Swiss watch brands.

Making the switch to a new generation smartphone is for many watch lovers a considered purchase but what’s interesting is that that those that have made the switch absolutely love the new functionality that a device like the new Samsung Galaxy watch delivers.

With their latest offering Samsung has ticked several boxes that were open with previous models.

You can tell the time and see the date via a multitude of new watch faces.

The new battery is a massive improvement over previous model.

From a fashion perspective the design has been significantly improved and even though it is basically a stainless-steel watch with “military-grade durability” it still feels very stylish and lightweight on the wrist.

It also works with both iOS and Android; Apple arrogance stops this option ever being considered for an Apple watch.

Then you come to the real reasons for investing in this new Samsung offering.

Operating via Samsung’s Tizen software it not only has great battery life that last for three days before it needs a top up this device delivers significantly easier navigation. All you have to do is twist the bezel left or right to peruse the apps of your choosing. You can still tap and swipe across the Watch’s touchscreen display.

Two buttons on the Watch’s right side give you access to your onboard apps, while the other brings you directly back to the home screen.

It is also a great device if you are seriously looking to stay fit and want the occasional reminders.

It has 39 different workout types and is water resistant up to 50 meters. I have swum in the ocean with this watch over 750 meters and had it submerged in water for at least 30 minutes and it’s still performing well.

The new Galaxy Watch ships in two sizes and three colour finishes: There is a 46mm version that comes in silver, and a 42mm version that’s available in rose gold and black.

As for pricing it’s cheaper than the new Apple Watch Series 4.

The 4G SIM version is $649 and the Bluetooth version $549.

Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant is built into this device and because of the introduction of a new dual-core processor it’s very responsive to commands.

Another big advantage is the AMOLED display screen it’s bright and even when you install a face from the Samsung app library and try to read the small text it’s very clear.  It’s also coated in Gorilla Glass that prevents scratches and protects against accidental impact.

The new device does power down quicker than other devices which is at times irritating. Thou I do like the way that it buzzes when a call comes in on your smartphone, it also lets you swipe to accept or reject it. It also delivers the weather and buzzes you with notifications.

What Samsung has done is lift the bar for smartphones using miniaturised processor technology that delivers a high level of functionality to a smart looking display.

Once you have setup your Samsung Health App the device along with your smartphone will immediately starts recording the way that you exercise if it detects a spike in your activity and heart rate it will alert you. You can use it when running, outdoor cycling, elliptical, and rowing.

Since the watch has GPS built-in, it accurately records workout distances, which I found to be accurate in most cases.

There is also a stress management feature and you can also set your watch to ring at the same time as your smartphone.

It also records your sleep every night, and some mornings it sends you a notification with your new “sleep record.”

As for me I am still trying to crack 8 hours every night.


Lightweight, stylish and rich in features, this device is ahead of the smart watch technology curve due in part to Samsung’s capability to deliver excellent processors for devices. It’s also easy to configure.

It also delivers plenty of battery life and works with more third-party apps than the Apple Watch for me this device is significantly superior to the Apple Watch.


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