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Camera-Free Credit Card Sized Phone To Release In Japan

It looks like smaller and simpler phones are again a trend with the recent news of the Palm smartphone and this latest news out of Japan. NTT Docomo is scheduled to release a phone in November that they claim is the world’s thinnest and lightest smartphone ever made with only basic smartphone capabilities.

The KY-01L is being described by its manufacturers as a “lite” smartphone, the phone can make calls and browse the web, via its LTE connectivity and 4G, and that is the limit of its capabilities.

The phone does not have a camera or any store to download apps from.

As we covered this week, Palm is likewise small in size but hasn’t scrimped on its functionality with a full version of Android 8.1, Snapdragon 435 processor, app store, voice assistant, 12MP rear camera and 8MP front, with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage.

The Palm phone and KY-01L act as “companion” smartphones that work in tandem with a regular smartphone.

It will be interesting if the KY-01L will make an impact on the market with Palm already set to release, as well as the Light Phone. The KY-01L is set to cost 32,000¥.

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