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Samsung Galaxy S24 Has AI Features That May Beat Pixel 8

AI has seemingly infiltrated every nook and cranny of many types of businesses, and the smartphone industry is no different, with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 line allegedly dialling up the AI and going “all in”.

Samsung is reportedly embracing AI with its new line more than Google did with the Pixel 8 releases this month, according to SamMobile sources.

The company is claimed to be working on ensuring Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra are “the smartest AI phones ever, even one-upping what Google has to offer on the Pixel lineup.”

That’s all well and good but what is Samsung adding to its Galaxy line to pull this off?

The leak didn’t go into great detail, but the site mentioned ChatGPT and Google Bard-inspired features, which could mean generative content creation inspired by keywords will be included in the line, and additionally, there may be a text-to-image tool made by Samsung.

Bixby (who even uses this?!) may also get an AI boost, supporting a more effortless convo experience Samsung voice assistant.

Samsung is doubling down efforts to ensure Bixby is more of the user experience by actively working to make the assistant an overall part of the AI push.

Powering the new range will be new Exynos and Snapdragon chips, which could also enable the AI features to be faster than on the Pixel 8 range’s Tensor G3 chips, SamMobile says.

Additionally, the report said we will not hear a peep from the Samsung camp about its Galaxy S24 line until the launch.

If Samsung launches similar AI features like what Google recently released, photo and video editing features like Magic Audio Eraser, Magic Editor, and Best Take, they could easily challenge the Pixel 8 line, but we’ll have to wait to see what they do.

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