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Samsung Creates Stretchable Displays That Stick To Skin

Samsung has developed a revolution new OLED display that can stretch and stick to human skin, and monitor the wearer’s heartbeat.

According to a research paper published by the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, an ‘elastomer’ was used, a material with high elasticity and resilience. The material still operates normally when stretched a thousand separate times.

“The strength of the newly developed technology is that it allows you to measure your biometric data without having to remove the device since it is keenly attached to your body,” said Yun Young-jun, a principal researcher at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology.

“In addition to the heartbeat sensor that was applied in this test case, we plan to incorporate stretchable sensors and high-resolution free-form displays to enable users to monitor things like peripheral oxygen saturation, electromyogram readings and blood pressure.”

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