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Samsung Collab To Make Jeans Perfectly Fit Your Flip Phone

First Samsung turned the smartphone world around with their Galaxy Z Flip units. Now they’re bringing jeans into the future with them, teaming with popular brand Dr Denim to redesign the wardrobe staple to fit a Galaxy Z Flip3 perfectly.

The limited-edition Z Flip Pocket Denim jeans are the perfect blend of style and practicality, and mean you won’t have to hit the streets with your phone sticking out of your back pocket or floating loosely in a front pocket ever again.

With only 450 pairs available, people will know you’ve got on board early, courtesy of the big statement Zs embroided on the front.

“Smartphones are often not pocket friendly, so we’ve leveraged Dr Denim’s style credentials to design jeans that shake up the pocket norm and perfectly fit our compact Galaxy Z Flip3,” says Hayley Walton, Head of Brand Marketing, Samsung Mobile.

“Our Galaxy Z Flip3 users expect the very best in design and pocketability, and what better to accompany our premium phones than the perfect pair of bespoke jeans.”

Style-wise, Samsung and Dr Denim are saying small, square pockets that frame your legs better are the next big trend. Grab yourself a pair here and stay ahead of the style and tech pack. Check out how to get them here.

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