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Major Redesign For Amazon’s New Kindle Paperwhite

Expect a bigger screen and boosted battery among the game-changing tweaks on the next-gen Kindle Paperwhite, which is the first major redesign of the successful ereader in three years.

Available now for preorder $289 through retailers such as JB Hi-Fi, this new model has a bigger 6.8″ e-ink display, up from 6″ on the previous Paperwhite. It also boasts a IPX8 water-resistant design and a hefty 10-week battery life.

It’s also the first Kindle to charge through a USB-C, just like your iPad Pro, MacBook Air, Nintendo Switch or Android handset, so your tangle of chargers just got a little less tangled. It also makes for faster charging, so you’ll be ready to go in two and a half hours.

To make room for the larger screen, the borders around the display have been shaved to 10.2mm, which will make the user experience a little different, but the screen retains the 300 pixel-per-inch resolution from the previous gen, so your text is still clear as day, plus there’s 10 per cent more brightness at maximum setting.

Page-turns are also around 20 per cent faster thanks to a new processor, plus there’s 8GB of included storage.

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