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Samsung Chip Leads 5G In-Car Connectivity

Setting a new industry standard, Samsung Electronics have delivered an automotive semiconductor that aims to provide essential information to a vehicle in real-time via high download speeds of up to 5.1 gigabits per second.

The Exynos Auto T5123 telematics unit for cars will allow passengers to access 5G high-def content streaming services and video calls

It is currently in mass production, though Samsung haven’t named their clients yet.

It comes with two Cortex-A55 central processing unit cores by UK-based Arm, and a global nav sat system, so telematics apps can track and monitor cars remotely.

The T5123 is just one of three new logic chips Samsung unveiled to improve data transmission and operation in connected cars.

The new Exynos Auto V7’s imaging system offers pixel correction, dynamic range compression and geometric distortion correction, providing noiseless and distortion-free images in features like surround view and parking assistance.

It will support multiple systems at once and be used in Volkswagon’s in-car app-server 3.1, developed by LG’s vehicle component solutions division.

Also unveiled, Samsung’s new power management integrated circuit – the S2VPSO1 – regulates and rectifies the flow of electrical power for more reliable in-car infotainment.

“With an advanced 5G modem, an AI-enhanced multi-core processor and a market-proven power management integrated circuit solution, Samsung is transfusing its expertise in mobile solutions into its automotive lineup and is positioned to expand its presence within the field,” the company says.

This comes at a time when it is predicted cars will need an average of 2000 semiconductors before long, with the advent of self-driving vehicles.

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