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Samsung Bolster Soundbar Offering With MS750

Samsung have moved to sharpen their home theatre offering with the new MS750 Sound+ soundbar.

Leveraging the best technology that the company’s LA-based audio lab has to offer, the MS750 offers a number of key improvements on its predecessor and – according to the company, at least – pushes the boundaries for what a sub-$1000 soundbar can offer.

Featuring 11 speakers, including a pair of vertical tweeters projecting upwards, the MS750 is designed to fill the room with clear, powerful, premium sound.

Speaking at the soundbar’s Sydney launch, Samsung’s VP of Consumer Electronics Carl Rose said that “amazing experiences for our customers is really what drives us.”

He emphasised the company’s wholistic approach to the home entertainment category, saying “we like to, as much as possible, be a customer centric organisation.”

“We do carefully listen to customers. We love to understand their lifestyles and how lifestyles are evolving, what their paint points are and, of course, we then like to develop technology that’s built to address those points.”

“Across our entire entire portfolio we design and build features sets and really craft ways to provide our customers amazing experiences,” he said.

He praised last year’s KS950 Dolby Atmos soundbar, saying the product “introduced many Australian homes to a level of sound quality that most people have yet to experience.”

While it doesn’t have Dolby Atmos support, the MS750 does come with the capability to reproduce, upscale and play audio in 32-bit quality.

The two pillars of the product boil down to the distortion cancellation and wide range tweeters. The former leverages algorithms in order to more closely reproduce the source audio as intended and reduce the clarity often lost when sound is amplified.

Meanwhile, the wide-range tweeter introduced with the MS650 makes a confident return to deliver a bassier soundscape. It’s an inclusion Samsung indicate ensures that you can hear great sound no matter where you stand relative to the soundbar.

During our hands on session with the product, we came away pretty impressed. Both the vocals, sound effects and orchestral scores of film’s like Logan & Assassins Creed came across with both punch and clarity.

The MS750 soundbar arrives at an RRP of $999, with the accompanying SWA-W700 subwoofer arriving at $799 for those who want the complete package.