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New Samsung EZCal App Calibrates TVs

A new Samsung TV calibration app which the South Korean tech giant quietly launched at Virtual CES 2021 may soon be available on Samsung-branded smart TVs.

The app, named EZCal, has been described as a ‘TV market game changer’ by Forbes and allows users to calibrate televisions without the need for complicated software.

Samsung describes it as an “automated TV picture quality calibration application for cinema level quality”.

Users will need a compatible Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone to download the EZCal app.

The TV and smartphone will analyse ambient light conditions and run optical measurements of your TV’s output using the camera. EZCal will then use the information it has gathered to adjust the TV’s picture setting automatically to bring out the best image possible.

Using Quick Mode, the app takes all of 30 seconds to complete the calibration. Using Professional mode, it will take up to 15 minutes to finish but will cover things such as white balance, greyscale linearity, gamma and chromaticity.

EZCal compatibility is only available on Samsung TVs with the right custom software builds. According to Forbes, Samsung has not confirmed if it might be licensed to other TV brands in the future.

Samsung has not yet finalised the list of compatible Galaxy or iPhone models the EZCal will work with either.

The app’s development process is due for completion in February, with an official rollout date to Samsung TVs still unconfirmed.

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