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Samsung Alarm TV Owners Over Virus Warning

In a now-deleted tweet, Samsung warned its smart TV customers that they need to prevent malicious software attacks by scanning for viruses every few weeks via its built-in scanning software.

Although the tweeter undoubtedly had good intentions, they inadvertently alluded to the fact that Samsung’s Wi-Fi connected QLED TVs are susceptible to malicious viruses.

The tweet, first spotted by The Verge, included an instructional video to help scan Samsung’s TVs, which other social media accounts have reuploaded.

Commenters say it is “troublesome” that Samsung is relying on its customers to scan its apparently vulnerable TVs as opposed to running automatic scans.

It is unclear whether the tweet was in response to an actual virus or specific threat.

This isn’t the first time Samsung has raised concerns over its smart TVs.

In 2015, its smart TV privacy policy raised concerns as it seemed to insinuate that the TVs could eavesdrop on users.

Samsung denied the possibility, but we have seen many reports where bad actors and hacker have exploiting smart TVs and other smart home gadgets including cameras.

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