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Burn The City On LG 3DTV

In an Australian first LG is unleashing 3D-enabled games for its 2012 range of CINEMA 3D Smart TVs this month.

Handpicked specifically for their 3D playability, the titles have been optimised for LG’s 3D Smart TV.

Currently, there are five games that will be available including; Air Penguin, Downhill Bowling 2, Frisbee Forever, Burn the City and Diversion.

The games are delivered in 2D, but can be viewed and played in 3D by pressing the 3D button on the Smart TVs Magic Remote.

The five titles will be the only available games in 2012, LG told Smarthouse.

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The LG Magic Remote transforms to a motion-sensitive game controller, but players still have to wear 3D glasses to get the full effect.

The 3D games, which cost $2.96 – $5 are located on LG Apps.

The games will be automatically updated onto the TV as they become available, this month.

This is LG’s latest bid to get ahead in the Smart TV content race.

Last week it announced LG 3D Cinema Smart TV owners can download 15 Disney movies including The Lion King, Chicken Little and Nightmare Before Christmas.

“We are excited to be able to bring 3D gaming to LG Smart TVs in Australia for the first time so family members can enjoy the immersive 3D fun together,” said Brad Reed, LG Content and Services.

 “With the arrival of these games developed for LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV, we are fulfilling our commitment in showcasing the potential of Smart TV as a genuine 3D gaming platform.”