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OZ Security Distie Launches BeyondTrust Solution

OZ Security Distie Launches BeyondTrust Solution

BeyondTrust is a US-based “pioneer of context-aware solutions for privilege and vulnerability management”, and has arrived in Australia.
Its distributor, Hemisphere Technologies, says the partnership brings to the Australian channel an industry player whose proven expertise has shaped the security decisions of some of the world’s most sensitive and security-conscious organisations. 

BeyondTrust’s customers include 8 of the world’s 10 largest banks, 8 of the world’s 10 largest aerospace and defense firms, and 7 of the 10 largest U.S. pharmaceutical companies, as well as renowned universities across the globe.

Peter Phokos, Hemisphere’s MD said: “We’ve been observing closely how Australian companies and government agencies are grappling with security issues relating to privileged account management. 
“The solutions BeyondTrust provides have been tested across the highest levels of US Government, aerospace and military organisations and resulted in great success. This gives us the confidence to present a comprehensive deployment plan to local Australian organisations.”
Hemisphere says that “user-based risks from the misuse of system or device privileges is steadily increasing”, and expects that “BeyondTrust’s experience as the only security solution vendor providing Context-Aware Security Intelligence will resonate strongly amongst Australian organisations looking to mitigate against these types of attacks.” 

“We’re confident in our partnership with BeyondTrust that we’re offering the Australian channel effective and trusted solutions which correspond with Australia’s ‘Common Criteria Certification’ and protection profile requirements,” Phokos added.

The Company says the partnership marks its strategy of “expanding its security offerings from a core group of technology specialisation areas towards complimentary IT consumables and products” and corresponds with BeyondTrust’s own bid to cement its foothold in the Australian and New Zealand markets.
Eddie Stefanescu, BeyondTrust’s APAC regional sales director said: “We’re excited to partner with an established distributor who is looking to expand their offerings through best of breed technologies. 
“BeyondTrust’s security vision coincides with Hemisphere Technologies’ strategy of merging IT, vulnerability management, privilege access, and compliance-based solutions to provide a more secure network. This partnership allows us to translate what we do globally to the local IT channel”.
Hemisphere Technologies is an authorised distributor for Kaspersky Lab and Tech Titan products across the Australia and New Zealand region.