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Windows 9 ‘Preview’ In Sept?

Windows 9 A “technology preview” of the forthcoming Windows 9 codenamed “Threshold” will be available by late September/early October, says long time Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley. 

The ‘preview’ will be available to anyone who signs up, sources say. 
However, those who sign up for the preview will have ‘subsequent monthly updates to it pushed to them automatically’ according to the report.
Windows 8/8.1  failed to lure the Microsoft faithful in the vast numbers originally anticipated, so Redmond will be hoping ‘9’ is the cure-all for 8’s operating evils. 
Major changes tipped for Windows 9 include: removing the (not-so-charming) charms bar from the desktop (and likely incorporate the features into the Start Menu); introducing virtual desktops built-in as standard allowing users run multiple applications and the integration of Cortana personal assistant – Microsoft’s answer to Siri. 
A “mini” Start Menu and windowed Metro-Style applications that run on Desktop are other changes tipped by Foley to appear on the next big Windows release, due for release in 2015. 
Globally, Windows 7 is still the world’s numero uno operating system at 51%, according to StatCounter while Windows 8/8.1 lags behind at third and fourth place, running just 13% of desktop and tablets, in all. 
In Australia, more computer users are running the newer Windows 8.1 than 8, totaling 15%.