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The CEO of Australia’s third largest smartphone brand Alcatel has challenged Oppo and Huawei to open up their books for an independent inspection of their sales numbers after Roy Morgan claimed today that they are two of the fastest growing mobile phone brands in Australia.

Sam Skontas CEO of Alcatel and a sponsor of South Sydney Rabbitoh’s.

Sams Skontas, a seasoned smartphone industry executive said that he is prepared to open his own books up to auditors if Oppo and Huawei do the same.

He has also described new Roy Morgan research as a joke after they claimed that demand for Huawei handset has grown 87 per cent in just 12 months, with 471,000 Australians now owning a phone from the Chinese tech company
This is the same research Company that also claims that Telstra was found to be Australia’s third most popular mobile phone brand, with HTC coming in fourth place.

HTC who have struggled for the past two years are an unprofitable Taiwanese smartphone brand who have struggled to get traction in Australia resulting in them cutting staff and overheads this year.

Roy Morgan executives claim that their research was done over a period of 12 months and that they only interviewed 15,000 people to draw their conclusions which included claims that 8.6M Australians now own an iPhone which they said was 3 million more than the 5.6 million Australians who have a Samsung smartphone in 2018.

According to IDC who track sales of devices at carriers and retailers as opposed to questions of individuals who may have bought their mobile phone overseas or bought it with them when they came to Australia show Apple as the #1 brand in Australia, Samsung at number two and Alcatel at #3.

During the past 12 months the TCL-owned Alcatel has achieved a record 188% increase in local unit sales for 2018, the significant growth follows the release of several sub-$200 devices this year – more than doubling Alcatel’s annual local revenue.

Skontas said “The numbers produced by Roy Morgan are plain wrong. HTC don’t have the distribution or the sales to justify a fourth spot in Australia. The entire industry knows this. And if Roy Morgan are claiming that the Oppo and Huawei growth is correct why don’t’ they get these two Chinese brands to open up their books to independent auditors. We are prepared to do this and if the numbers are accurate so should they. I doubt that they will do it”.

Roy Morgan research claims that Huawei are the fastest growing smartphone maker in Australia, alongside rival Oppo.This year Alcatel is close to selling one million smartphones in Australia.

Both Telstra, JB HI FI and Optus executives have told ChannelNews that they “Doubt the Oppo and Huawei numbers” claimed by Roy Morgan Research.

“Chinese smartphone handset maker Huawei has been in the news for all sorts of reasons in recent weeks and months however the performance of Huawei in the competitive Australian handset market reveals Huawei, along with rival Chinese firm Oppo, is making significant inroads,” Roy Morgan CEO Michelle Levine said.
IN the USA and Australia several carriers and mass market retailers have stopped selling Huawei smartphones because of security concerns.

Levine said “Both handset makers have a strong appeal to younger Australians with Millennials, and especially Generation Z, providing the core of the market (over 50 per cent) for both handsets”.

Roy Morgan appear to have been selective in who they issued the research to both SmartHouse and ChannelNews two of Australia’s leading technology media Companies did not get the research despite 4Square Media getting most other research including today’s property market research from Roy Morgan.

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