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Rotel Pays Tribute To Ishiwata With Rotel Amp

Rotel is launching special editions of its A11 integrated amplifier and CD11 CD player in tribute to the late audio legend Ken Ishiwata.

Both were Ishiwata’s favourite products, and according to Rotel, Ishiwata was an admired figure in hi-fi with the ability to identify and improve the most ideal products.

“Ken Ishiwata offered initial appraisal for the new specification with the Rotel engineering team, producing preliminary prototypes before having the final specifications approved by Rotel. Having approved the changes, creation of the first prototypes begun, however Ken sadly passed away in November 2019, before the project could be completed.

“In his memory, Rotel, with the support of Ken’s family and the aid of his very close friend and business associate, Karl-Heinz Fink, worked to complete the product to fulfil Ken’s original vision,” said Rotel.

The Tribute editions will feature a number of upgrades, but maintain their original price points. The A11’s signal path has been improved with new capacitors and resistors as well as custom internal damping, while the CD11 has improved capacitors and resistors, improved internal damping, and changes to mechanical and electrical grounding.

Both will be available in Australia from November, at a RRP of $1099 for the A11 and $649 for the CD11.

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