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Acer Jumps Into SmartHouse Market New AI Powered Box Coming

Acer is looking to expand into the SmartHouse market via a realtionship with Oplus, a smart home solution provider who has a unique control solution.

Oplus market an E-BOX which is an all-in-one web smart hosting system, which combines lighting and power management and digital controls via one box.

Currently the Company is developing an AI platforms for smart home applications.

Samuel Chang, director at Acer claims that image recognition AI used to be adopted primarily by commercial enterprises, but the technology has gradually expanded into the consumer field and will become a new growth driver for the AI industry, especially during COVID-19.

Previously, Acer’s AI platform was used to help inspect product quality in their factories ,now Acer is looking to modularize the platform to make it more flexible and capable of being adopted into smart home applications via its partnership with Oplus.

Oplus chairman Chung-wei Lai said that the company will initially push its solutions in Asia but is looking to expand into non-foreign markets as a long-term goal.

Acer also has formed partnerships with Taiwan-based home appliance, consumer electronics and science equipment makers HCG, New Green Tech and HiPoint to develop AI platforms for different industries.

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