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Robot Tests Samsung Fold Opening Capability Before It Failed A Drop Test

It’s been a burning question for reviewers, ‘How long will the new $3K Samsung Fold last with constant opening and closing’ and what happens when you drop it.

The answer could be down to a Robot that has been testing the device which has not been launched in Australia yet.

SquareTrade is a US organisation that tears down smartphones and after getting their hands on the new redesigned Samsung Fold, decided to put it to the test by building an automated device that tested the performance of the top end Samsung smartphone.

The company who are known to demolish smartphones as part of their testing knew the Galaxy Fold needed something a bit different.

The answer was FoldBot a robot that was able to test whether the device would live up to Samsung’s claims that owners will be able to unfold their device around 40,000 times per year.

SquareTrade wanted to test the phone’s folding durability based on three years of use or 120,000 folds.

As the FoldBot conducted its test, it made a few stops so that the phone could be inspected. The first sign of damage appeared at 18,500 folds—not even a full year’s worth. At 40,000 folds there was

not only a pixel blob, but the touchscreen was malfunctioning as well.

In an effort to be fair But SquareTrade allowed the Galaxy Fold to rest and recharge overnight, resulting in the touchscreen correcting itself.

The FoldBot concluded the remaining 80,000 folds, and after the final 120,000 fold was made, SquareTrade observed a deteriorated hinge and the same pixel blob that appeared at 40,000 folds.

Other than that, the phone continued to work normally.

Then came the drop test, and after SquareTrade put the Galaxy Fold through its standard 1.82 metres drop test the Galaxy Fold resulted in an indented screen, camera failure, and touchscreen failure, which left the phone unusable.

The closed, front-screen drop test produced a shattered screen and selfie camera and rear camera failure.

The bottom line is that this device is fragile so don’t drop it and has a limited life.

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