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Rize, Tipped To Be New Name For Samsung Foldable Smartphone.

Foldable phone, Rize, could these names be linked with Samsung’s tipped new smartphone offering?

A trademark application that has supposedly been filed by London-based law firm Fieldfisher with the UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) for a new Samsung brand name, Samsung Rize with insiders now speculating that this is the name of their new foldable device.

Today speculation has been around Galaxy X or Galaxy F however, the latest application throws a whole new light on the potential name.
Tech blog LetsGoDigital has shared an alleged trademark application, which it says was

The London filed application refers specifically to a ‘Class 9’ device which is a designation that only covers smartphones and mobiles phones.

Tech Radar in the UK said that Samsung could follow Apple in opting-out of entering double-digit territory when it launches the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 next year, but rather than ape its bitter rival in switching to Roman ‘X’ product names, it could transition to all-new series entirely.

Alternatively, Rize could be the name of the Samsung foldable phone we’ve heard so much about, for so long. A prototype of this handset, which we’ve historically called the Galaxy X, was finally revealed at SDC 2018, sporting a 4.5-inch smartphone display when close and folding out to a tablet-style 7.3-inch OLED screen.

Since then, there have been myriad rumours as to what the finished product will actually be called, with the Samsung Galaxy F gaining traction alongside the newer Galaxy Flex name.

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