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REVIEW:Big Wide Arlo Floodlight With Security Camera Built In

It’s smart in more ways than one, the new Arlo Pro 3 camera that comes with a sleek looking light and security camera built in is now available in Australia and after a month of using this product I am impressed.

Not only is the battery life good one can instantly switch from good quality black and white imaging at night if you decide not to activate the automatic light function to instant light with the slide of a bar on the Arlo app.

For example, if you are unsure what is happening outside a home or building you can instantly turn on the light if it has not activated.

One little tweak that I would like to see is a range improvement so that the light comes on further out.

This is ideal if you have a set of steps or a long drive that is dark.

A big plus is the new Arlo offering casts three different light patterns — constant, flashing, and pulsating — which you can control manually or set to happen when certain automations are triggered.

The whole idea is that one replaces an infrared floodlight with a combined floodlight and top end security camera.

The Floodlight Camera has an ambient light sensor that automatically turns on when it’s dark outside, and you can specify exactly how bright or dark you want it to be before the light turns on.

Visitors are hit with an array of powerful LED’s at night that are built into a wide and very stylish light.

The LED light technology is so good that it opens up a much wider field of view than we have seen on other lights with built in cameras such as the Ring light and camera which is more one dimensional that the wide arc Arlo Pro 3.

When on the brightly glowing faceplate throws light over a wide distance Arlo claims it delivers 2,000 lumens of brightness when running on battery power which is good considering the extra distance the light is projecting to.

The new Arlo offering that I tested does not require any wiring; it can run entirely on rechargeable batteries and after a month of every day and night use I had only used 11% of the available battery.

As for the waterproof camera it delivers 2K video with HDR that is very clear, the audio is also very good.

Also built-in is a siren, colour night vision, a 160-degree field of view.

The siren is loud enough to frighten off any intruder especially when one can also talk to the intruder from wherever you are.

Mounting the camera is also extremely easy all I had to do was drill a couple of holes, mount a base that holds the camera and then click the camera into place, you also have the flexibility of moving the camera around on the mount.

If you want to check your recordings from your Floodlight Camera, I suggest that you subscribe to the Arlo monthly service.

You can also pair the Floodlight Camera with an Arlo base station to back up recordings to a USB drive.

At JB Hi Fi and The Good Guys the new camera is retailing for $449.

This is a 9/10 product that delivers good value and functionality.


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