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REVIEW: Xiaomi’s Himo Z20 eBike Is A City Cyclist’s Dream

These days it seems every piece of technology is foldable – and now, even the eBike is no exception.

Xiaomi’s new Himo Z20 combines convenience, comfort, and speed into one smart little machine.

eBikes are a legal mode of transport on Sydney streets and most other Australian capital cities, so it is a fantastic way to get around areas with low-density traffic or highways.

The electric motor makes it incredibly easy to travel on inclines and makes you wonder how you ever pedalled furiously up hills on a manual bike.


I tested out the powerful Z20 on the mean streets of Sydney and I found it to be a reliable and well-designed bike which withstood a lot of different terrains, including bitumen, grass, dirt and paths.

The bike came folded in a box and it was easy to piece it together by simply screwing on the seat and adding the pedals.

The seat is highly adjustable and the bike itself can be folded in-half in the middle of the main body for easy carrying and transport.

The foldable element is a great bonus, especially for putting the bike in the car or even travelling on the train without taking up too much room. This perk puts the Z20 above a lot of other electric bikes in my book, particularly when it comes to city cycling.

I thought the folding mechanism might mean the bike would be a little flimsy, but it is no detriment to how sturdy the machine is.

The Himo Z20 also comes with a key which you can use to lock the battery while folded, so thieves are less inclined to pinch your bike – but I would suggest getting a bike lock for extra security.

The tires were sturdy with 20″ double-walled alloy rims which are 32h (front) and 36h (rear).

The Z20 is a little heavy at 21.6kg but the foldable mechanism made it easy to carry and store, despite it still being reasonably big at 1470x610x1095mm. While folded, the dimensions are 86x45x74cm.

I felt safe while riding on busy roads knowing how well-built and reliable the Z20 is for users.


The Z20 is well-built, study and easy enough to use as a manual bike. The bonus of electric power makes it a memorable riding experience.

Starting the electric ride is simple after beginning to pedal manually, you just twist the right handle towards yourself like a motorbike. It zooms along with just the right amount of power, making it a lot easier to compete with cars while cycling along bike paths on the road.

It is pleasantly fast, with the ability to reach up to 25km an hour without pedalling. If you combine both it is even quicker – I noticed it could reach over 30km, esspecially while travelling downhill.

While riding uphill, the bike tends to struggle slightly at first but after a bit of furious pedalling it glides along smoothly.

The Z20 has three operating modes: normal bike, mixed mode and electric mode. The LCD screen strapped on the handlebars is easy to read and a great way monitor speed and your current battery life.

There are four buttons on the display with the following capabilities: The power button (on bottom): to turn on/off, the trip button (on bottom): to change trip and total mileage, the +/- button: to change modes, long press + button: turn on/off lights, long press – button: switch to parking mode.

The Bbike is equipped with a powerful battery of 10,000mAh, which means you get around 80km of travel on a single charge. It takes a fair bit of time to fully charge the bike, around 5 hours. But if you’re a leisure rider this should last a long time.

If you do rely on the motor a lot while riding, expect the battery to be chewed up pretty quickly though.

Charging it is no issue – you can either remove the battery (which is only 2.5kg) or charge the bike near an outlet through the port on the body.

The 6-speed transmission ensures the gears shift quickly and seamlessly, making it a sporty model or a great bike to just glide through the city on.

The tires have excellent traction for rough terrain, but I wouldn’t recommend it for serious mountain biking.

It also has an air pump hidden in the seat which is great for pumping up tires while on the go. I needed to pump my tires pretty frequently after some big rides, but having the in-built hand pump (which was a little hard to use) this wasn’t a big issue. I’d suggest using bigger air pumps if you want it filled up quicker.

There are also 2x brakes on either handle, which at first were a little weak and squeaky. But after some adjustments it felt a lot more secure.


It’s a safe and reliable eBike which lives up to the expectations – and it also makes me never want to ride a manual bike ever again! For the reasonable price of $1,499, riders will be pleasantly surprised at its power and clever design.

The Xiaomi Himo Z20 is available now at JB Hi-Fi. 



Powerful and fast

Three different modes

Stylish design

Folding mechanism


Battery dies fast

Weak air pump

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