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REVIEW: Soul S-Fit TWS Earbuds – Best Sounding Buds For Under $150

US sound outfit Soul, which is distributed in Australia and New Zealand via Cellnet, has found its niche with affordable yet stylish true wireless earbuds.

Soul has a strong portfolio of audio products and ChannelNews was able to test out a pair of the $149 S-Fit earphones.

Released in July last year, the S-Fit buds are one of the most affordable ways to enjoy true-wireless earbuds without sacrificing sound or comfort.


The S-Fit earbuds are engineered with Soul’s patented Freebit wing-shaped locks, which is a dream come true after using similarly shaped buds that need to be shoved into your ear canal viciously before they stay put.

The wings help keep the buds secure without the risk of slipping out.

Soul has designed them to be comfortable and ergonomically shaped, with a soft silicone lining. The buds are also ultra-lightweight – at just 4.8g per bud – so there is no awkward heaviness.

After fastening them into the ear using the Freebit wing, it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all!

The S-Fit buds are great to run with as the wing ensures they sit nicely in your ear. I had a few instances of the left bud slipping out – but I just needed to adjust it to my ear more tightly.

It comes with an IP67 rating for sweat and dust, so it ironically didn’t break a sweat (unlike me) during a run on a humid day.

I also used them while out in the rain and there was absolutely no issue. The silicone lining helps to keep them nice and dry!

Speaking of silicone, the compact charging case is made of this material too.

The waterproof case is so lightweight you could strap it to your person while out for a run and it wouldn’t be a problem.

There’s also the lovely addition of a carabiner so you can secure the case to your bag or backpack for easy carrying.

Both buds have touch commands on the top which are super responsive and easy to navigate.

The only thing missing from the design is volume controls on the earbuds.


Looks can be deceiving – they may be small and cute, but the S-Fit buds have mighty sound.

After pairing the earbuds to my phone (the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity was super seamless and they automatically pair to the device when taken out of the case too!) I pressed play on my bass-heavy Spotify playlist.

I expected a degree of tinniness or vibration when testing the audio, but it punches well above its weight and sounds just as good as buds worth $150 or more.

The high-definition sound is rich and clear and can handle deep, thumping bass without much of a struggle.

Admittedly, the audio isn’t as flawless as what you’d get in to $300+ range, but it handles music, podcasts and phone calls beautifully.

All in all, it really is a pleasant listening experience.

The buds don’t have Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) but there is bit of passive noise cancelling.

Audio Transparency Mode helps to hear surrounding noises (not too loudly though!) for safety while out and about.

The S-Fit buds are promoted by Soul as perfect for fitness and running, but they are also the ideal everyday earbuds.

This means you need incredible battery life – and the S-Fit well and truly delivers with 33 hours of play using the case as a charger.

I really bashed these earbuds with some loud, thumping music so they needed a charge sooner than I thought – but everyday use means you probably only need to charge the case once a month.


For under $150, the S-Fit buds are a jack-of-all-trades thanks to its pretty design, great battery life and impressive audio.

There’s a lot to love about these earbuds and Soul has really gotten it right.

They are an ideal pair of buds for a TWS first-timer or for the fitness fanatic wanting comfort and affordability.



Ergonomic fit

Small charging case with carabiner

Affordable – under $150

Good sound



No volume controls


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