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REVIEW: NutriBullet Balance With Bluetooth Technology

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As someone who’s had and loved their NutriBullet for years, I was interested in what an upgraded model could offer. The main pulls of the NutriBullet Balance are its 1200-Watt motor base and its Bluetooth capabilities.

The Bluetooth feature allows you to accurately track the nutritional data of what’s going into your smoothies. There are two main ways to do this: follow one of their recipes or create your own.

To get started you need to turn on Bluetooth connectivity on your smartphone or smart device and download the NutriBullet app. Once the app is open, turn on your NutriBullet Balance and then tap the little NutriBullet icon in the top right corner of the app.

If you’re following a recipe it’ll take through the ingredients list and measure how much of each you’re adding, letting you know when you’ve added enough milk, for example. If you add a bit too much it records how much you actually added, so you have accurate nutritional data at the end.

screenshot of nutribullet balance nutritional info

I prefer to make my own recipes, and I was happy with how well the ingredient tracking feature worked. It can even measure out your portions if you’re splitting the smoothie with someone else – nutrition fanatics will appreciate the level of precision here.

screenshot taken within the nutribullet balance

Like other nutrition apps like MyFitnessPal, you can add new ingredients and manually input the nutritional info yourself. You can set up wellness goals within the app, or sync your data from the NutriBullet to other health and fitness apps.

Older editions of the NutriBullet have 900-Watt or 600-Watt motor bases, which are still more than powerful enough for most uses. However, with the 1200-Watt base you may notice a smooth blend and faster blending times, particularly if you like to include ice in your smoothies.

The RRP in Australia is $279.99, but it looks like it’s come down in price at a number of retailers.

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