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REVIEW: Moto Buds Charge – Comfortable, Simple Earbuds Bundled With G9 Play

Motorola’s entry-level 2020 smartphone the G9 Play is a great-value bundle thanks to the inclusion of a pair of wireless Moto Buds Charge.

Only available for purchase alongside the G9 Play, ChannelNews had the chance to try the Moto Buds Charge on for size.

I had minimal expectations from a pair of bundled headphones but was pleasantly surprised by its quality design and performance.

Motorola created these buds with simplicity and comfort in mind.

The buds ship with features usually reserved for $200+ wireless earbuds, including voice assistant compatibility, sweat resistance and an ergonomic fit.

They are comfortable enough users can use them throughout the working day without a hitch – plus during the commute thanks to the battery life, which is 10 hours.

The stylish, modest design is akin to brands such as JBL and Sennheiser. The Moto Buds Charge are in the same ballpark performance and design-wise as Sennheiser’s CX 400BT earbuds, which are priced at $299.

The G9 Play + Moto Buds Charge are now $279 for both the phone and earbuds, making it a competitive bundle in the smartphone and audio space. That’s a $20 saving from the original on-sale price of $299.

Available in black, the Moto Buds Charge are fitted with a convenient integrated ‘mobile charge’ cable which is compatible with the Motorola handset.

This is a cool feature I wish was integrated into the cases of other, more expensive true wireless buds.

It also means you won’t find yourself with a pair of dead earbuds and nowhere to charge them.

The sound quality of the Moto Buds Charge is also clear and has a fantastic frequency production no matter what handset you connect it to.

At a time when smartphone giants Samsung and Apple are ditching earphones from the box altogether, it’s a refreshing change of pace to see Motorola include not only a pair of earphones, but excellent quality true wireless ones to boot.

Verdict: 8/10

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