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REVIEW: Fetch TV Mini – A Mighty $199 Content Streaming Box

Recently Fetch bought out a new $169 Mini 4K set top box, it’s small like its name suggests but it’s performance and capability are, more mighty than mini and it delivers an excellent picture performance because of its chipset.

Some describe it as an entertainment platform but for me this is an ideal offering for people who want a small footprint high performance content streaming solution that ‘won’t break the bank.

At $199 the Fetch TV Mini 4K, is $250 cheaper than the top end $449 Fetch TV Mighty and you still get 4K streaming. The only problem is that unlike the Mighty you cannot record content.

This is a 4K box that delivers a multitude of entertainment and information options from Netflix and Prime Video to Stan and the new Britbox. It will also be upgraded shortly allowing users to also get access to the new Paramount+ streaming service that is set to be launched on August 11.

If you’re an Optus customer, you also get Optus Sports.Fetch TV 2021 Mini TV 1024x590 REVIEW Fetch TV Mini A Mighty $199 Content Streaming Box

What I like about this box is the flexibility of content, not only do you get access to movies such as Justice League, Chaos Walking or The Croods, A New Age you are also able to hook up free to air TV.

All you need for is an Internet connection and a minimum of 15 Mbps for UHD 4K content, to get connected and streaming., set up is easy. It also supports high dynamic range formats including Dolby Vision for enhanced image management such as colour saturation and those extra details that Dolby Vision delivers for a better video experience.

And despite its size, 11 X 11 centimetres, there is also a TV aerial port and digital optical audio connection along with an Ethernet port.Fetch TV 2021 Back REVIEW Fetch TV Mini A Mighty $199 Content Streaming Box

One massive plus with this box and the entire Fetch STB offering which includes the Mighty box, is the Fetch TV software.

It’s fast intuitive and remarkably easy to navigate.

While recording of TV shows is not available you do get Ultra High Definition 4K content when it’s being streamed by a content provider.

Fetch TV 2021 Content REVIEW Fetch TV Mini A Mighty $199 Content Streaming Box

I tested the Mini on a new Hitachi 4K TV and the quality of the 4K and none 4K content was excellent due in part to the new Fetch Mini processor that does a lot of the grunt work inside this box.

Another plus is the Fetch Mini Bluetooth enabled remote, which is also voice control.

During our testing this did not work as well as voice on an Android TV. I had to constantly repeat my voice request especially with requests such as Britbox which was translated into ‘Boombox’.

What is convenient is the pause and rewind feature which means if you miss something you can simply stop, rewind and play it again.

Other features include a 7day TV guide, and free-to-air catch-Up. There is also a Premium channel Catch-Up.

The My Media Hub allows you to play video, music and image files from your computer, phone or tablet on your TV using your Fetch box.

Connect using either a direct USB connection or a networked media player.

Another big plus is that you can download the Fetch TV App and then watch content on your smartphone or tablet.

This is an excellent solution and a value investment,for anyone who wants to stream 4K content. You get a quality picture as well as access to a multitude of streaming service from Netflix and Amazon Prime to the new Britbox and Stan.

Voice is still an issue but this is not an essential part of the offering. It’s also a hit and miss feature that’s built into an excellent Bluetooth remote.

RATING: 9/10

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