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REVIEW: Fed Up Of Cluttered Desks? Try The Samsung Space Monitor, It’s Unique

It was at CES that I first spotted the Samsung Space Monitor and being one of those people who always has a cluttered desk I immediately thought ‘What a great idea’ a big 32″ monitor that literally clips to the back of a desk eliminating the need for a big footprint mount.

I love 32″ screens especially as I am constantly looking at DPS layouts but like any 32″ monitors the bases are often large and they take up a lot of room. Some like the BenQ monitors have ridiculously large and heavy bases and they tend to dominate whatever surface you put them on.

The new Samsung space saver eliminates all of that with a very clever arm that delivers up to 40% space saving.

Samsung’s 32-inch Space Monitor is not cheap at $999 but it does solve big monitor problem in an effective way.

Key to this monitor is the arm and the unique HDMI and power combined power cable that also reduces cable clutter, The arm cannot swivel the screen, but you can pull it forward if you have a large desk.

The 32-inch 4K screen has a slim bezel, so thin that when I first took it out of the box, I thought it was significantly smaller than 32″ inches.

One of the big downsides is that it’s a VA panel which for the price I was expecting IPS or even OLED. Let’s face it 55″ OLED TV’s have been down to $1,500 in retail stores.

It also has an average brightness of 250 nits, which if you are buying this for home and intend to use it for gaming has its limitations.

When tested on a display calibrator the results came back with a 4ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate which is not good for gaming.

As for connectivity the display has no USB C connection capability, so you are going to have to put up with HDMI and or a mini port display port.

While the Space Monitor arm uniquely integrates into the display delivering significant space saving the display itself is strictly for an office or business functions. You can push the display forwards or backwards to save space and it can also sit back flat against a wall when you are not using the monitor.

Despite the limited display quality, I do really like the Space Monitor at my desk and should be essential for those who have small desks and value desk space, while one can buy a third party arm the Samsung design teams have done a great job deliver not only space saving but a great deal of flexibility.


RATING: 8/10

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