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REVIEW: BlueAnt’s ‘Pump Air’ Are Truly Stress-Free & Versatile Earbuds

This year has seen the debut of several wireless ‘earbuds’ (e.g. from Jabra, Jaybird, TRNDlabs) and now BlueAnt has joined the party, with the release of its Pump Air True Wireless earbuds, claimed to offer similar audio technology at a much lower price tag ($169.99).

With fitness emerging as a strong growth sector in the consumer electronics market, ‘earbuds’ are becoming a fitness lover’s ‘go-to’ device, as seen by Instagram models and influencers alike.


In contrast to Apple’s AirPods or Jaybird and Jabra’s offerings, I found BlueAnt’s Pump True Wireless earbuds offer a more compact and snug fit straight out of the box.

As someone who has very petite ears, earbuds always evoke a cautious smile, as I contemplate how long it will take before one falls out. Usually, I have to customise a suitable fit with the accompanying fins or tips, but surprisingly I didn’t have to with BlueAnt’s earbuds.

Just like their rivals, BlueAnt’s earbuds come with various size tips, to accommodate your perfect fit.

They are small and compact, which means they’re more discreet than Apple’s AirPods. The overall design is aesthetically pleasing and modern. Consumers can obtain the buds in either Black, White or Black Rose Gold.

BlueAnt claims its earbuds are the lightest in the market, weighing just 4 grams each. I can attest that you barely feel their weight compared to other offerings.

The earbuds come in a charging case, and unfortunately BlueAnt’s offering is somewhat more bulky than its competitors. However, I presume this is where the cost reduction is factored, and I’m willing to accept that.

The case also features a particular tight and fiddly clasp, which would likely be difficult to open for consumer who have long nails.


Here’s where BlueAnt’s Pump Air True Wireless earbuds surprised me – the audio quality is actually really very good. Remember, that they’re fitness headphones, and are not meant to offer studio quality, however, compared to their earbud rivals they certainly punch above their weight.

The compact fit of the bud also encapsulates the entirety of the inner ear, offering an isolation of external sound. BlueAnt has done especially well designing the tips of their earbuds to offer such an effect, despite the fact there’s no active noise cancellation.

Concerning sound quality, generally treble is more prominent, with bass somewhat muted. However, that’s actually my personal preference for earbuds, given their close proximity to my ear canal.

BlueAnt’s earbuds are compatible with both Google Assistant and Siri, which is a great addition.

I found the inbuilt microphone to work most satisfactorily for phone calls. No issues experienced. Recipients of phone calls also voiced no concerns.

Because of their compact fit and sturdy design, I felt at liberty to exercise vigorously without fear the earbuds would fall out. With my petite ears, that’s definitely saying something.


Robust battery life is a necessity for fitness orientated earbuds. Here, BlueAnt performed adequately, coming in between 2 and 1/2 to 3 hours of battery life between charges.

The accompanying charging case also offers 12 extra hours of playback time. That’s not super substantial, but adequate nonetheless.


Priced under $200, I am thoroughly impressed by the quality of BlueAnt’s Pump Air True Wireless earbuds, which offer considerable value for money against their competitors.

Yes, the earphones don’t boast a complex accompanying fitness app, however, as many fitness lovers are already brandishing smartwatches, BlueAnt’s offering does stand out as an affordable, yet quality device, in the current market.

BlueAnt’s earbuds offer a sturdy and stress-free fit, perfect for high intensity activity, no matter your schedule, daily lifestyle or fitness routine. All round versatility.

Great design, great performance and great value for money.

Ultimately, a ‘no fuss’ product that does what it says, without breaking the bank.

Performance 8.5

Design 8.5

Value 8.5

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