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EXCLUSIVE: Former Failed E3 Style Boss Vanessa Garrard Resurfaces

Vanessa Garrard the former personal assistant, who only 18 month ago was placing technology distribution Company E3 Style into administration owing millions, has popped up pitching her herself as the new CEO of a tent Company.

This is despite the fact that she is still involved in a major legal fight, with the Crest Company in a case that could cost her millions if she loses.

In her new gig as the CEO of OZtrail a Brisbane based Company, Garrard who at one stage was being sued separately by Adelaide based distributor Powermove for over $200,000 has partnered with Dr Glen Richards, the vet behind the Greencross Vets and Petbarn empire.

New Picture Of Vannessa Garrard that has appeared this week on her web site www.vanessagarrard.com

It’s also been revealed that Sydney base investment Company Odyssey Private Equity is betting on her to deliver results despite Brisbane her questionable record.

Garrard who sees herself as a leading entrepreneur and business founder makes no mention on her own personal web site of the current court case with the Crest Company or the fact that she was forced to place E3 Style a Company she founded in 2006 and was placed into administration in 2016.

On her personal site she talks about her new company SourceHub which she claims has offices in Australia, China and the USA. There is no mention of her E3 Style business.

In a taped interview in 2016 Garrard claimed that the she was forced to create SourceHub in 2016 as a direct result of ChannelNews questioning her entrepreneurial skills.

What she hasn’t explained is where the money came from to create SourceHub. Nor has she explained what will happen to the running of SourceHub.

During several interviews and in emails to ChannelNews Garrard constantly changed her story about events involving E3 Style.

She has also been accused of faking certificates of achievement that hung on the wall of her E3 Style office.

According to the Australian Financial Review OZtrail is a third-generation Australian company that makes tents, swags, sun shelters, gazebos and the like, and sells them via retailers in nine countries. It was founded in 1989 by the Whittaker family and is run out of Brisbane.

It is understood Odyssey’s consortium signed the deal this week and expects to take control of the business early in the new year.

“This is a great chance for Odyssey to work with our new partners and apply our strong outdoor leisure product knowledge and experience,” Odyssey Private Equity partner Paul Readdy told Street Talk.

Odyssey Private Equity was created earlier this year after former Quadrant Private Equity co-founder George Penklis teamed up with Readdy and his two fellow former CHAMP Ventures operatives Gareth Banks and Jonathan Kelly.

The Sydney-based firm is seeking to write equity cheques worth up to $40 million, and is targeting companies worth up to $100 million, including debt.

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