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REVIEW: AKG’S N60 Answers Most Females’ Prayers

Backed by Samsung owned audio brand, Harman, AKG’s N60 NC (RRP $349.95) comes close to being the perfect over-the-ear wireless headphones for the average female consumer.

As reflected in previous reviews, one of the biggest gripes females have with over-the-ear headphones is their heavy and bulky weight, large size, and overall incompatibility with our everyday lifestyle. For many female consumers, a careful balance of style and substance is required, and unfortunately many over-the-ear wireless headphones fall short.

They’re either beautifully designed and compact, but offer substandard audio quality, or offer stunning sound, however, are bulky and are just down right ‘masculine’ in design.

That’s all about to change, with the Australian debut of AKG’s N60 NC wireless headphones, which is lightweight and compact, whilst still packing a punch in the audio department.

AKG has long been considered a renowned brand for the studio artist, so its with welcome arms that the brand launches into the consumer segment locally.


AKG’s N60 NC wireless headphones are lightweight and extremely compact. The device comes with a travel pouch, and the headphones easily fold in half. Perfect for the traveller on the go, or for a female like myself who likes to keep as many things as possible in her bag.

Despite their light weight, make no mistake, the device still features a luxe and aesthetically pleasing design. Comprised of leather and uber comfortable memory foam, the N60 manages to rest on my head for hours without causing a headache. The soft materials also mean that my hair is less likely to be messed up – compared to more bulky headphones – which is a welcome feature for most females.

The righthand ear cup includes volume buttons, a switch to activate noise-cancelling, and a button to skip tracks.



Specifically designed for the global traveller, the N60s boast active noise cancellation – and its nothing to take lightly. AKG took us in a commercial seaplane to test the noise cancelling capabilities, and I was delighted to find it worked better than the commercial headphones found on board.

The headphones utilise Bluetooth (for wireless connectivity) or can be connected via a 3.5mm audio jack.

AKG’s N60 wireless headphones boast 30 hours of battery life, which is very appealing to the modern traveller. As an added bonus, the device comes with a detachable audio cable and flight adapter. The headphones are charged via MicroUSB.

Each earcup incorporates a 40mm neodymium driver with a frequency range of 10Hz to 22kH.


As mentioned, the N60’s active noise cancellation capabilities are truly impressive.

Audio quality is rich, crisp and clear.

Simply put – can’t complain.

Yes, the sound quality may not come close to AKG’s $2,000 ‘Quincy Jones’ N90Q headphones, but for the consumer market these are a strong contender, only amplified by their compact and lightweight design which is a rare combination in the current Australian market.

Unfortunately, the N60 doesn’t offer hands-free calling – given there’s no microphone embedded within the headset itself. This is somewhat a negative, however, for headphones largely made for travelling, its a feature that I can forgo.


Given their overall performance, AKG’s N60 present themselves as a strong contender for my favourite wireless headphones of the year. The fact they are compact, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing is what sets them apart from more ‘technical’ headphones on the market.

The sound quality is great and active noise cancellation is effective.

For users who aren’t concerned with equalisers or added apps, these are a straight-forward yet effective device.

I feel AKG has met the mark, in terms of creating a set of over-the-ear headphones which are specifically designed for travel. I have almost fallen asleep wearing the N60, because its truly quite comfortable.

Priced under $500 AKG’s N60 wireless headphones over considerable value for money, and their attractive, lightweight design may make the perfect gift for your female family members or friends this Christmas season.

Value 8.3

Performance 8.6

Design 8.6

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