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Retailers To Benefit From New Apple Product Launches

JB Hi Fi and Harvey Norman are set to get a boost after Apple overnight released a new range of iMac desktop PC’s and a new iPad Pro, both powered by the company’s in-house-designed M1 processor.

Retail sales have slowed in recent weeks with analysts tipping that the new Apple offerings will bring consumers back into stores.

Livestreaming from Apple headquarters in the USA executives touted the speed of the M1 — the first Apple silicon, which is based on technology from British chip design house Arm who is currently facing a takeover battle with Nvidia.

The big tech Company rolled out the M1-powered MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro and Mac Mini last November.

The new iMac completes the desktop line’s move to the chip, which was unveiled last year and replaces Intel processors as the brains of the Mac.

They come in a new 24-inch screen size, up from 21.5-inches on the previous entry-level model, and are available starting at $1899 AUD for the model with seven-core GPU and $2199 for eight-core.

The new iMacs are far thinner than their predecessors and have slimmer edges as we predicted yesterday.

They also come in seven different colours, have a 1080p camera, better speakers, and improved microphones for video conferencing.

The new colours are green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue and silver.

he rainbow harks back to the similarly colourful original iMac of the late 1990s.

Apple also introduced its first M1-powered iPad at the virtual event.

The new iPad Pro will be 5G-capable, another first in the company’s tablet line-up, and will sell starting at $1199 for the 11-inch wi-fi model and $1449 for the cellular model; the 12.9-inch Pro will start at $1649 for wi-fi and $1899 for cellular.

“The new iPad is a tough sell,” said Leo Gebbie, a senior analyst at U.K.-based CCS Insight. “Despite numerous updates, including the M1 chip, the previous generations of iPads are strong enough to make this is an iterative update when compared to the new iMac.”

While both the new iMac and the new iPad Pro will be available to order April 30, the products will not ship until the second half of May.

ChannelNews recently reported that production of some MacBooks and iPads had been delayed over the global component’s shortage.

At last night’s event, the U.S. technology giant also introduced Apple Card Family, a way to share its credit card; the Apple Podcasts Subscriptions service; a next-generation Apple TV 4K; and the AirTags, a smart accessory for tracking personal belongings using the Find My app, selling for $45 each or $149 for a four-pack. The company announced a new colour — purple — for the iPhone 12 line-up in a straight out copy of the Samsung Galaxy S21.

The computers run Apple’s M1 custom processor that was first released in the MacBook Air, entry-level MacBook Pro and Mac mini last year.

By shifting the iMac to its own processors, the company has now replaced Intel chips for its own designs in most of the Mac line. A

Apple plans to launch higher-end MacBook Pros with its own chips later this year and well as a smaller Mac Pro desktop computer with an Apple processor by next year, Bloomberg News has reported.

The new iMacs are tipped to be more expensive than the previous model with Intel chips.

Apple last redesigned the iMac in 2012. The company didn’t announce upgrades to the larger and more powerful iMac models.

The new machines also include an upgraded power adapter that can magnetically attach to the back of the iMac and four USB-C ports.

The company is also offering three new keyboard options for the new iMacs: a standard colour-matched one, a keyboard with a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, and another with a fingerprint scanner and a number pad. The company is also offering new mouses and trackpads that are colour-matched to the iMacs.

While much of the computer industry focuses on laptops, the iMac remains a key part of Apple’s portfolio. The first iMac, launched in 1998, has been credited with helping Apple escape bankruptcy and steer a path toward becoming the world’s most valuable company. The all-in-one desktop line is popular with professionals and consumers seeking large screens at relatively affordable prices.

The launch of new iMacs comes as businesses and schools begin to re-open after vaccines for Covid-19 have become more readily available in some countries. Some business may require new equipment for those returning to the office, which could boost sales of the iMac.

The Mac line generated about $8.7 billion in the fiscal first quarter ended in December, the most during a holiday period in years. Bloomberg News reported on the new iMac design earlier this year.

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