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Specialist audio retailers who made Sonos famous when they first launched are now looking for new networked sound partners with Bowers & Wilkins already getting calls from current Sonos partners.

Overnight Sonos continues to feel stock price and social media pressure their announcement that the company would no longer support several models released between 2006 and 2009 which is when Sonos had the market to themselves and were according to one key Melbourne dealer “booming”.

“This is a Company who spruiked integration of a Sonos speaker into a network and despite their being nothing wrong with the Sonos speaker we sold to a customer they now want to try and force that same customer to buy another 16bit Sonos speaker when the market has moved to 24bit HD speakers” they said.

According to Philip Newton the CEO of Bowers and Wilkins his Company who unlike Sonos do manufacture and sell 24bit networked audio speakers demand for their speakers is growing.

He said that the Company has already got several dealers looking at moving to Bowers & Wilkins to replace Sonos speakers.

According to several dealers that ChannelNews has spoken to is that Sonos is trying to get dealers to force an upgrade on a customer “When an upgrade is not needed as the current Sonos speaker is working perfectly”.

Pete Pedersen VP, Global Marketing & Communications at Sonos who is believed to be behind the program to force consumers to upgrade to a new Sonos speaker due to the Company struggling to compete up against superior speakers from both Google and Amazon has not explained what he will do when consumers vent their anger with Sonos by buying another brand of speaker.

In the past Sonos has tried to manipulate stories written by ChannelNews and at one stage tried to deny us access to Sonos information after we exclusively revealed their plans ahead of the launch of a new speaker.

They were fully supported at the time by PR agency Webber Shandwick.

On another occasion internal Sonos Australia PR staff abused ChannelNews executives because we exclusively published a story pointing out that they were “dumping” their PR agency for a new one.

This is a Company who likes to be in control and expects media to toe the Sonos party line as one executive said, “Because we are Sonos and we are number one in speakers so we must be doing something right”.

As pressure mounts for Sonos with both Google and Amazon with their 24bit voice activated selling more speakers in a month than Sonos does in a year, the US sound Company has moved to sell direct a move that is also contributing to a move by retailers whose customers Sonos is approaching directly to upgrade to a new Sonos sound speaker.

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