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Retailer Problem For Stunning New Harman Speakers

Harman Kardon has finally released their stunning new Radiance 2400 home audio system, however it’s uncertain whether it will be ranged in Australia as it is a product that has to be heard and most mass retailers struggle to demonstrate audio products in stores over a certain price point.

At $8,000 this product is as good as the $18,000 Bang and Olufsen and at 1.8M tall and at 5cm wide these 360-degree speakers are seriously good.

I first heard these speakers at CES 2020, and I was impressed however the problem for Harman is this product is a difficult product for the likes of JB Hi Fi or Harvey Norman to sell as it has to be demonstrated.

In the USA the product can be demonstrated by the likes of Best Buy as they have a Pro Magnolia set up in selected stores where premium audio such as the Radiance 2400 can be demonstrated.

The Harman wireless home audio system takes minimalism to a new level.

The ultra-slim speakers which uses beamwidth technology to push the audio around a room to the point that one struggles to work out where the sound is coming from connects to a compact subwoofer and a discreet digital hub.

Harmans speaker technology combines 24 precisely calibrated 1.25-inch speaker drivers in each of the Radiance speakers; the columns are just 1.80 meters high and only 51 millimeters wide and 58 millimeters deep.

The floorstanding speakers are tapered to a base in the shape of a champagne glass.

This is where the wireless components and digital amplifiers for the speakers are housed.

The wireless 10-inch subwoofer with its 200 watts is able to deliver a full bass performance and complements the Radiance system in the lower frequency band.

The entire AV system can be connected to the Harman Kardon Radiance system. Sound enthusiasts can enjoy breathtaking home theater sound both when streaming music and with the latest blockbusters.

The digital hub connects to the TV as well as game consoles and other AV devices. At the same time, the WLAN interface enables simple and direct access to HD music streaming via Chromecast built-in or Apple AirPlay.

The hub allows games consoles and devices such as the new Foxtel iQ5 box to be connected to the speaker system directly.

You can also attach a Blu-ray player and wireless stream to the speakers.

Multi-room pairing to other Harman speakers can be achieved through Chromecast and AirPlay.

There is an LCD touch screen and Bluetooth-connected remote that allows management of both sound output and attached devices.

We are still waiting for confirmation from Harman in Australia.

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