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Poly Releases New Smart Speakerphone Range For Remote Work

Speakerphone manufacturer Poly is releasing its new Poly Sync line, which it says uses proprietary microphone technology to track the speaker rather than the noise.

The Poly Sync 20 and 20+ are portable units with a three-microphone array, which can also be used as a smartphone charger and a Bluetooth speaker. The Poly Sync 40 is a larger model which can be daisy-chained with other units for varied conference room sizes, while the largest, the Poly Sync 60, is designed for big rooms and meeting spaces.

Each features USB and Bluetooth connectivity, intelligent microphones, and Google Assistant and Siri compatibility.

According to Andy Hurt, Managing Director ANZ at Poly, the new line is a timely arrival as workforces transition towards a hybrid model.

“The Poly Sync family redefines speakerphones moving forward. More importantly, the elevated user experience that enterprise-grade gear brings to the table will be key to enhancing productivity for every work style,” he said.

Additionally, the Poly Sync 20 is one of the first speakerphones to receive Zoom’s Personal USB Speakerphone designation, according to Oded Gal, Chief Product Officer at Zoom.

“Poly continues to trailblaze with its portfolio of Zoom certified devices and we know that the addition of Poly Sync 20 will provide outstanding value for today’s evolving workforce,” said Gal.

The Poly Sync 20 is expected to be available in Australia by Christmas, with the 40 and 60 coming in the new year.

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