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RealMe Looks To Break Away From Oppo After Issuing Free ‘Bootloader’ Software

The RealMe mobile brand which is owned by the same Company that owns Oppo, is set to be broken out as a separate and independent operation. In Australia the Company is still refusing to say whether their recently launched devices are actually certified for the Australian market.

Launched locally last month RealMe has also moved to BL unlock all of its smartphones according to a posting on Chinese micro blogging site Weibo.

This allows the devices to be loaded with non-approved or certified software.

The Official Announcement on Weibo claimed that Android smartphone enthusiasts, now have “complete control and customisability”.

The big question is whether RealMe is anticipating a new ban by the US Government similar to the one facing Huawei. Currently the new Huawei P30 Pro does not have an official version of the Android OS resulting in owners not being able to access Google Maps, G Mail and tens of thousands of Playstore Apps.

As a result, Huawei is urging consumers to use unofficial bootloader software to access non-approved software.

Users in China where the RealMe products are manufactured, often tend to BL (Bootloader) unlock their smartphones to root their devices and flash new skin or custom UI.

To do this, users have to download third-party tools which resulted in official warranties not being honoured.

Now RealMe has officially unlocked its devices so users can flash custom, unique and even self-made ROMs.

Users are now also able to obtain the root permissions of the handset to tweak the performance of the device as well.

RealMe has officially provided its customers with an unlocking tool which supports the following devices.
RealMe X2
RealMe X2 Pro
RealMe X2 Pro Master Edition
RealMe Q
RealMe X

Last month ChannelNews raised several questions about the certification of RealMe devices that have been launched in Australia.

In China yesterday Chung Hsiang-wei, chief commercial officer of RealMe Taiwan said that the Company was “still sharing resources with their parent company”

Recently, RealMe has formed its own R&D team and is expected to build up its own ecosystem and production lines, Chung said.

Established in 2018 the Company recently claimed that they were the fastest growing smartphone brand “in the world” however several leading research Companies questioned these claims.

A sub-brand of Oppo, the Company will only go independent if “It’s business continues to scale and expand”.

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