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Rare iPhone Replicates Tesla’s Cybertruck, Costs Over $7,000

A Russian luxury tech company, Caviar, has created a modified iPhone 11 Pro that’s designed to replicate the design of Tesla’s Cybertruck – called the Cyberphone.

The revamped iPhone is covered in titanium casing with a modernistic angular design that Caviar says was inspired by Cybertruck’s geometry.

It also costs over US $5,000, amounting to nearly seven and a half thousand AUD, with only 99 models being made, making the Cyberphone both rare and expensive.

(Photo: Caviar)

(Photo: Caviar)

Tesla’s Cybertruck quickly gained notoriety for several reasons, including its unconventional design that is somewhat reminiscent of a Lego truck as well as its unexpected demo gone wrong. Elon Musk boasted the Cybertruck was ‘shatterproof’ only to find the windows shatter after he threw a rock at them during the launch, which was widely shared online and started a #cybertruck trend on Twitter.

And while the Cyberphone is significantly cheaper than the Cybertruck, it’s still thousands of dollars more expensive than the average smartphone on the market.

Although the Cyberphone is a revamped version of the iPhone 11, the original form is barely recognisable.

(Photo: Caviar)

The device is encased in modern metal plates and a screen cover that unfolds to function as a kickstand.

But if you take a closer look, the iPhone 11 Pro’s signature triple-lens camera is still recognisable.

Aside from its unconventional aesthetic, the Cyberphone runs just like any other smartphone, featuring three camera lenses, operating on Apple’s A13 Bionic chip and sports a 5.8-inch screen.

(Photo: Caviar)

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