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Forget Megaupload! Dotcom’s ‘Megabox’ To Hit

Forget Megaupload! Dotcom’s ‘Megabox’ To Hit

Dr Dotcom is back.

And this time he’s even more mega. And social.

“This is what they don’t want you to have. Unchaining artists and fans. Megabox is coming soon”, a YouTube video posted Wednesday by Mr Kim Dotom declared.

Controversial Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom or ‘Dr Dotcom’, who was behind one of the biggest and infamous file sharing services, Megaupload, is about to launch a new free (and legit) music service with tunes from every era (including the 70s and 80s) and genre (dance, chillout, atmospheric and dark ambient) on board.

Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, David Bowie were among the artists highlighted in 2:08 minute YouTube video posted last week, that has over half a million hits so far.

Megabox also lets members get social with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube integration, ‘Chat’ with fellow music enthusiasts, you can find out ‘what happening near you’ and have access to unlimited cloud storage.

It is also giving members (sign up to an account for free) access to ‘exclusive’ artists and also appears to be offering musicians a platform to promote their wares similar to MySpace, inviting them to “take control of your music career.”

The 38 year-old multi millionaire, who resides in New Zealand and is currently under house arrest, has been charged with Internet piracy and copyright infringement. He is believed to have earned US$175 million since 2005 copying and distributing music, films and other copyrighted material, illegally.

He is also wanted by the FBI and faces an extradition hearing next year.

Megabox is due to be live by the end of the year.