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Stunning LG Monitors Have TV Smarts

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The IPS 7, D43 and M52D comprise the range, but even the introductory offering comes equipped with impressive specs, including Full HD resolution, a 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio, 250 nits of brightness and a 5m/s response time. Each monitor is a LED-backlit-LCD affair, is characterised by a 1.2mm bezel, is 14.1mm shallow and can share content with your smartphone through a single cable.

“By combining LG’s Cinema Screen Design and MHL functionality with the industry’s leading IPS technology, the IPS7 series is able to offer stunning design with leading edge viewing performance,” said Lambro Skropidis, LG Marketing General Manager.

“With the rapid growth in the number of mobile smart devices such as smartphones and tablets, the availability of content has greatly expanded. LG’s IPS7 expands the user experience, enabling viewers to take full advantage of this content-rich environment.”

The M52 range ups the ante by doubling as a TV. It features an in-built TV tuner and will support HD broadcasting, DVDs, internet games and photos.

The D43 range is differentiated by its Cinema 3D capabilities, including the company’s 2D to 3D conversion technology. Gamers will naturally gravitate towards the D43 as it features LG’s Dual Play. By popping on Dual Play glasses, two players can see their gaming action on the whole screen simultaneously without their competitor stealing a peak.

LG’s new IPS monitor is the official gaming monitor for the new Call of Duty: Black Ops II

The monitors come in a range of sizes and can be purchased from retailers today.


IPS277L RRP:$499
IPS237L RRP:$299
D2343P RRP:$329
D2743P RRP:$599
M2252D RRP:$279
M2452D RRP:$349
M2752D RRP:$449

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Source: Official LG press release