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Australian Monitor Rolls Out Flexible Stereo Mixer

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* 8 x XLR mic/line, and stereo RCA inputs with LED status indication
    * Treble and Bass controls per channel
    * Left, Right and Aux assignment per channel
    * Stereo output
    * Auxiliary bus (third output)
    * 5 band constant Q graphic EQ on Left/Right outputs
    * Direct output (TRS) per channel
    * 15dB gain trim per input
    * Link Bus to expand the MX883
    * Low noise/high performance for live sound and critical applications

For maximum flexibility, each input channel includes an XLR, which is switchable between mic and line, plus two RCA’s for the connection of stereo program sources. Phantom Power is also selectable per mic input.
Internal settings include the ability to select pre or post fader for the channel direct outputs. Additionally, channels 1 and 2 feature a 120Hz, 24dB/octave High Pass Filter to eliminate handling noise and rumble through microphones.

This feature is defeatable internally. Input 1 can also be set as a de facto priority input so that audio from channel 1 is not affected by the master volume level.

Even the headphone output has options. Via internal switches, the headphone output can be pre or post fader, and receive either the L/R or Aux output.

Optional modules include VCA modules (for remote master level control), muting modules and a tone generator module.
For applications requiring more than 8 channels, the MX883 features a link bus allowing two MX883’s to be linked to form a 16 channel stereo mixer.

The MX883 has many applications from a simple to use performance mixer in a school or bar, to a small zone mixer for function rooms and training venues.

see: www.australianmonitor.com.au and www.audiotelex.com.au