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Switch Automation Rolls Out Touch Screen With TV

Switch Automation Rolls Out Touch Screen With TV

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According to the company, the Switch MRA module includes streaming internet radio of up to 30,000 internet radios stations and the ability to access and stream MP3 and WAV files from iTunes and WMP (Windows Media Player) libraries. Multiple music tracks or playlists can be selected for simultaneous listening throughout the residence.

Switch Automation’s MRA solution does not require a dedicated multi-channel power amplifier and connects to a standard IP network, streaming music from a Switch Automation server. A range of Switch Automation interactive interfaces including in-wall touch screens, wireless web tablets, Phillips Pronto and browser based devices provide complete control of the multi room audio system.

Switch Automation Network Music Players feature a 2 x 25 Watt, class D amplifier to directly power a pair of speakers. Alternative RCA line level output is provided with an optical SPDIF output for connection to home theatre amplifiers and receivers.

Switch Automation’s 15-inch interactive in-wall touch screens have been upgraded to provide the ability of viewing digital television within a separate window or full screen as an option. Control of the digital television is provided by on-screen buttons allowing direct channel access of favourite channels.

See: www.switchautomation.com