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NBN ‘High’ Coffee Costs: Storm In A Tea Cup?

“A single cup of coffee at NBN Co works out at around 8.5 cents per cup per working day per person,” NBN Co said in a statement yesterday.

When the cost of the coffee machines and  maintenance is added, the price comes to about 16 c per cup of the black stuff.

The company was responding to media reports arising from an answer to a question put to NBN Co from the Senate Estimates Committee by Liberal Senator Simon Birmingham about the the cost of coffee, pods, machines, maintenance, and info about the type of coffee machines purchased.

NBN Co says the machines helps productivity and time wasting traipsing to the cafe outside the workplace.

“Coffee and coffee machines have been purchased by NBN Co as an amenity for employees, contractors and visitors in order to aid productivity by reducing the time spent by staffpurchasing coffee outside their offices,” NBN Co said in a statement.