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Qualcomm Makes Ultra Wide Screen Phones Cheaper With New Chip

Qualcomm has unveiled its newest processing chip, the Snapdragon 636, which is set to bring ultra-wide screens to more affordable smartphones.

Qualcomm will reportedly start shipping the new Snapdragon 636 processor to phone makers in November, however, hasn’t officially stated to whom.

The new processor features support for extra-tall FHD+ resolution  – i.e. approximately 2,160 x 1,080.

Most notably, phone manufacturers can now utilise the new chip, on boards which were originally intended for its predecessors – the 630 or 660.

Consequently, manufacturers can build an ultra-wide phone at a more affordable price point by reusing the hardware from an existing design.

Kedar Kondap, VP of Product Management at Qualcomm, states of the new chip:

“Manufacturers can use the same modem and camera architecture to enable fast and efficient testing and calibration, cutting down on significant resources or time normally required when developing products on brand new platforms”.

The new processor also supports ‘Assertive Display’, to provide better visibility in difficult lighting.

It is also set to offer support for lifelike gaming, boasting a 40% boost to performance compared to the former Snapdragon 630.

The new innovation is tipped to have a very visible effect on mid-range and affordably priced Android phone designs.

Overall, the new innovation should benefit consumers by offering a faster, sleek looking phone, at a lower price point than the current marketplace offers.