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Strike Alpha! Smartphone Cradle

Strike Alpha! Smartphone Cradle  The world’s most advanced car cradle, the Strike Alpha, has struck OZ. 

The Australian designed and made car cradle lets you talk on the phone, legally while driving. It is also is the fastest charging car cradle in the world, handy if you badly need juice on your mobile. 
It has automated preferences allowing you to control your phone when sitting in the Cradle, turn on/off Bluetooth and start navigation. 

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Strike Alpha comes in one model that fits all phones – handy if you have multiple smarties for work or personal use  or you can buy Strike Alpha specifically designed for iPhone 4, 4S, Sony Xperia, BlackBerry, Samsung S4 and so on. 

There is also a Strike that works even with the mobile case still on – including iPhone 5 with Life Proof case cradle.  
It sells for RRP$149 online only at www.strike.com.au/products/Strike-Alpha-Car-Cradles